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March 3, 2017 Beyond the Books, Discussion Challenge 0

When/ Can Authors take it too far?

Browsing Amazon today and I stumbled upon a zombie book entitled: Grandma? Attack of the Geriatric Zombies


So, it got me thinking, when do authors take it too far? I’m a lover of all horror so zombies is one of my go to things to read about, but … geriatric zombies? Really? I mean, I guess I can understand the idea behind it. Nobody will want to kill their grandmother so this makes the zombie idea especially horrific but how fast can she be?

My daughter and I have had extensive talks about this. Yes, I realize that shows my geekdom and I’m okay with that. My idea is that a zombie can only run as fast as those muscles will allow. Now, mentally we stop ourselves shorter than our muscles can really go but a geriatric zombie is not going to have muscles that can take it very far. Hence my question; when do we say no to authors.

Check out the tag line though.. She won’t bake you cookies. This is just cracking me up! I think I might have to say no to this one but I have to give credit where credit is due. The authors got me laughing about this and I’m seriously considering picking it up since it is on KU.

Do you have a genre that allows an author to do basically whatever they want to? Romance seems to get a lot of smack for certain tropes like hidden pregnancies and the hated love triangle. But, authors still do it. So, when do you decide that your author, especially if it’s a favorite author, has taken it too far?

What’s your line in the sand?



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