Blog Tour Book Review: Ann, Not Annie by Sage Steadman

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Blog Tour Book Review: Ann, Not Annie by Sage Steadman

I received this book for free from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Blog Tour Book Review: Ann, Not Annie by Sage SteadmanAnn, Not Annie on Expected publication: September 20th 2017
Genres: Romance, Young Adult
Source: Xpresso Book Tours
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Ann, not Annie, is tired of her nominal existence and has vowed to turn things around by dating the hottest guy in school, Jacob Waters. Easier said than done since Jacob isn’t even aware she exists. The truth is, due to Ann’s lively temper she spends more time in detention with the rest of the school rejects than she does fantasizing about Jacob Waters wearing spandex.
Her best friend and devout alien believer, Lisa, doesn’t like the changes she’s seeing in her BFF. Neither does Danny Feller, a fellow detention inmate and resident lost boy who has started keeping an extra watchful and unwanted eye on Ann.
When a chance encounter in an empty hallway changes everything, Ann finds all her dreams coming true and she is well on her way to living the perfect life she’s always wanted. But appearances aren’t always what they seem and Ann is going to have to face not just cold hard facts, but also her past.


YA is my absolute favorite genre! I think it is because the stories are full of possibilities. Plus, we all know how much trouble we can get into while we’re teens, but at the same time, life sometimes just has a way of hitting you when you’re down. In the case of Ann this is what is happening.

The author does not give much explanation as to why the family is depressed, or why Ann has changed her personality, until about 30% through. There are enough clues so I was able to put together portions of the puzzle, but I was glad when the main issue of the plot was finally exposed. It is a huge complication throughout, that is obviously not going to go away.

On top of this complication, there is Ann. She’s going through a LOT. Even for a teenager. It’s expected to see some of this. In a lot of YA there are certain things that happen to move the plot along, heck these things happen in life. Ann’s biggest plot line is finding out who she really is, in the mix of all this mess.

I found the entire story very compelling. I felt for Ann, and her family, the entire time. Even prior to knowing the exact reason, Sage Steadman makes it obvious that they are reeling. Part of the problem, for Ann, is that she brings about a portion of her issues by her choices. It is also a bit strange that her teachers seem to be against her. That part didn’t exactly fit with me, but there were reasons for this part of the plot line also.

I really like Ann and the few friends she has. Jacob is not my favorite person, and there are clues to his behavior too. Ann’s brother is absolutely fabulous though. Even while Ann is being a bit selfish, he is there for her. He’s even younger but wants to take care of her. He’s just adorable and very intelligent for his age. Her older brother is a bit confusing, but again, this is explained later on. Lisa and Danny are so loyal to her, she doesn’t even realize how loyal. It’s lovely to see other teenagers with issues also trying to get their life together. I would love to know more about them!

The narration for this is fantastic. Throughout the story the narrator tells you about everything that happens with Ann but never says who it is. I found this really intriguing. Plus, knowing that the narrator was speaking directly to the reader allows the narrator to add in a few things of their own feelings. Which at times, was hilarious.

If you can’t tell, you have to wait to get the full essence of the story, but I was very happy that the questions I did have were all answered. The pain they all feel, the struggle to get along with others, to be someone you think you want to be, is all a part of being a teenager, but in this it is elevated to a level that would be difficult for anyone to get through.


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Overall: 4.7 / 5


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Sage Steadman was awarded a master’s degree in social work from the University of Utah. While pursuing her passion for writing, she worked as a licensed mental health therapist. She published her debut novel, “Snowflake Obsidian: Memoir of a Cutter,” in 2010 under her pen name, The Hippie, and since, re-released the second edition under her real name. The novel has been deemed an “idyllic” read, filled with love, humor, romance and heart. She is also the co-author of the gritty and inspiring historical fiction novel, “Upon Destiny’s Song,” alongside classical guitarist, Mike Ericksen, and has penned an article on teen cutting for Canadian Magazine, “Edmonton’s Child.” She has recently produced a stunning and thought-reflecting novella entitled, “The Waking Dream.” Sage is heralded as a talented writer who tackles her novels with a witty, raw and honest approach. She currently lives near Salt Lake City, Utah with family.

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2 Responses to “Blog Tour Book Review: Ann, Not Annie by Sage Steadman”

  1. Giselle

    Great review! This sounds like a compelling and uniquely written story – def the narration style! Glad you liked it! 🙂

    • Christina

      Giselle, this was so easy to get through! The beginning was a little slow, and I should have added that to my review, but it wasn’t so much that it hurt my love for the book. Thank you for hosting this!