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April 5, 2018 Blog 4

A to Z Blogging- E for ExorcistThe Exorcist on 26 December 1973 (USA)
Length: 2 hour 2 minutes
Genres: Horror
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When a teenage girl is possessed by a mysterious entity, her mother seeks the help of two priests to save her daughter.

Directed by William Friedkin

Writing Credits
William Peter Blatty ... (written for the screen by)
William Peter Blatty ... (novel)

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete
Ellen Burstyn ... Chris MacNeil
Max von Sydow ... Father Merrin
Lee J. Cobb ... Lt. William Kinderman
Kitty Winn ... Sharon
Jack MacGowran ... Burke Dennings
Jason Miller ... Father Karras
Linda Blair ... Regan
William O'Malley ... Father Dyer (as Reverend William O'Malley S.J.)

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My A to Z Challenge:

I’ve had demons on this list already and I’m only on letter E! That should tell you something! Although ghosts have a way of freaking me out as well, demons seem to have the key to my freaked out zone. It may be partly due to watching the Exorcist sometime around the age of 10. What can I say, I love horror!


This is probably the scariest movie on this A to Z list. At least for me. There’s a few reasons for that.

First, this thing attacked a child. In many films the children and animals are almost out of reach. Recently there are more movies that are making it to where children are being attacked again, like in my first A to Z post about Annabelle – Creation. And, guess what, that movie scared the crap out of me! To give credit where credit is due, even if it were all adults going through everything that the kids went through, it would still be scary. The editing, the lighting, where the doll shows up, all of this is amazingly well done!

Voices. I cannot handle voices changing. It’s a thing that goes back to being pranked by my neighbor when I was in 4th grade. I cannot handle it! I can deal with clowns and ghosts (probably not real ones) and even psychopaths (again, prob not the real ones) but voices start changing and I’m gone. Totally out of there. I literally called the cops because I thought something was possessing my cat. My neighbor came out from her house and was cracking up. My parents, however, did not think it was as funny since they got a call at work that something was wrong. Well, damn it! Something was wrong! Or so I thought.

Also, although there doesn’t seem to be a plot, there doesn’t have to be. The mother is trying to save her daughter. She’s at the end of her mind, physically worn out, and has no where else to turn. In the movie it is quite obvious that she’s completely lost and trying to regain some semblance of understanding, and I think that fits with how scary this actually is. Even the adult in the situation is freaked out.

Of course, now that I am an adult, I understand OF COURSE SHE’S FREAKED! I would be too! It all goes with the idea though, and I think that is the most important part. They are powerless against this being they don’t really understand. Losing control is part of the problem, but then not even understanding what the problem is so you can regain a bit of control, is worse.

So, all that gives you a couple of short reasons of why this is so freaky, at least for me. Alien was my first actual horror film and I got to see it in theaters, but this, THIS one still takes the cake.


Do you think movies that are based on real stories add to or take away from the scare factor? Do you think they should fill in the PoV where the writers obviously do not have the answers, or for entertainment purposes is it good to go with the flow of the story?

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4 Responses to “A to Z Blogging- E for Exorcist”

  1. Barb (boxermommyreads)

    I agree this is totally scary. Like I think I mentioned before – that crab walk backwards down the stairs – it terrified me. My husband hates it when demons pick on kids – he’s such a softie when it comes to that 🙂 But no matter what, horror movies need to leave the animals alone!

    I’ve never seen another movie involving exorcism quite this scary. Did you ever watch the series? I started and it was kind of freaky but I never continued.

    • Christina

      I watched them a LONG time ago and I haven’t since. The newest ones are a bit lame, they don’t hold that same freak factor. But if I remember correctly, 2 and 3 were horrific! Nope, not watching those by myself! I think I did talk the hubby into watching The Last Key this weekend! We were debating what the stories were about IN BED last night. I just said ok, I’m done with this conversation. Gotta love the scary stuff, but not right before bed.

  2. chucklesthescot

    Darn I had planned to take part in this challenge this year but I forgot about it and with this stupid flu hitting me it’s too late to get started. Maybe next year! Films based on true events can make the story creepier if it is a good film I think.

    • Christina

      Oh no! I hope you’re feeling better soon. I can attest to the fact that doing it last minute is tough! I’m reading the book for J now! Although I have finished some posts that are further down the road. But man, it’s stressful! Take care of yourself. The flu this year has been horrible.

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