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April 13, 2018 Blog 2

Blogging from A to Z- L for LifeLife on 24 March 2017 (USA)
Length: 1 hour 44 minutes
Genres: Horror
One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarHalf a Star

A team of scientists aboard the International Space Station discover a rapidly evolving life form that caused extinction on Mars and now threatens all life on Earth.

Directed by Daniel Espinosa ... (directed by)

Writing Credits
Rhett Reese ... (written by) &
Paul Wernick ... (written by)

Cast (in credits order)
Hiroyuki Sanada ... Sho Murakami
Ryan Reynolds ... Rory Adams
Rebecca Ferguson ... Miranda North
Jake Gyllenhaal ... David Jordan
Olga Dykhovichnaya ... Ekaterina Golovkina (as Olga Dihovichnaya)
Ariyon Bakare ... Hugh Derry

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My A to Z Challenge: L for Life

What I love about horror movies, is that you may not know who the real villain is. Many horror movies keep you guessing at what is causing all the horror. The movie Life lets you right in on the action, almost immediately, and also lets you know exactly what happened and why.

What I love about this movie is that, while the villain is known, it’s also possible that this wouldn’t have been a horror at all, had things gone differently. Of course they didn’t, and that’s why this is on the list!

Aliens are on this list just a few times, in a list of so many, it’s strange that I haven’t really been scared by many alien movies. Of course there is Alien, which I’m cheating and using Prometheus for that, but other than that, not many alien movies that I can remember, freaked me the hell out. With the exception of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I think I watched that when I was really young. I’m sure I was quiet for almost an entire day. My parents must have loved life!

This move is different because there’s this cute little guy, so innocuous at first, and it turns out to be a cold bloodied, extremely intelligent, monster.

Spoiler alert. If you have not watched this, I’m going to give away a small plot detail that is at the beginning of the movie, but is also the catalyst to everything!

You have been warned!

Ok, so the entire first portion of this movie is this creature growing and bonding with the humans. The problem comes in when the electronics fail and Calvin (they named the martian. I can’t judge, I would have also) is seemingly killed. They do what humans do, and try to resuscitate the poor little guy. They did have a bond with it. I know if I felt like I lost a baby, I may want to do the same. BUT, what they did not think about is what would happen when they shocked this cute alien.

What would happen, is what DID happen. Calvin is resuscitated but after being shocked, multiple times, it now believes that humans are THE WORST. It goes into survival mode. To make things worse, after Calvin does hurt someone, the humans go into defensive mode, deciding once and for all to kill the little guy.

Well, Calvin’s grown quite a bit and is not so little any more. AND he’s super intelligent. This is where the story gets horrifying. It’s on this horror list, not only because the humans have to constantly try to stay one step ahead of it, like they’re playing some form of life chess, instead of wizard chess from Harry Potter where the pieces die, you die! But Calvin also kills them in horrifying ways and then eats them, YUMMY. Not fun. And this thing isn’t making it easy on them, either.

But, they created this monster. It reminds me of Frankenstein. In Frankenstein (again spoiler alert), Frankenstein creates this being in his own form, although ridiculously overstated, and then runs, shocked, like he didn’t just make it to look the way it did! He did not give the monster any love, Frankenstein created the monster that the monster became. But even through all of that, the monster was never truly a monster. We get to see multiple moments with him, away from Frankenstein, when he is learning and becoming a human, or at least trying to. And then Frankenstein shoots him down again! Needless to say, you probably see who I side with in Frankenstein.

Here we have kind of the same thing. They did not mean to hurt Calvin, but they did. Even though they didn’t know how it would respond. And then the humans continuously react to Calvin the same way they did before. Instead of trying to communicate with it. Note, I’m not sure how they would have communicated with it, but it was super intelligent, so they could have tried. Either way, the rest of the movie is them realizing that they’re all screwed. This thing, that was just born, is more intelligent than they are.

As horror films go, I think this one was pretty good! They do not know exactly what all Calvin can do, which makes it even more horrifying. Every time they learn Calvin can do something they thought he couldn’t, they would freak out. I would have too. Still, they created this thing, not the other way around.

The ending was THE BEST. There’s a nice little twist that I didn’t see coming. I was pleasantly surprised.

One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarHalf a Star

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    • Christina

      It jumps right out, but then they have to stay ahead, and that’s when the real chess game starts. There’s enough people for them to gradual get killed often enough, and in different ways, that it kept me mostly gripped. I was still hoping it was going to be scarier, but that’s normal!

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