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My A to Z Challenge:

Since I am a lover of all things horrorific, this is going to be an A to Z about the movies, books, shows, and all around horror moments in the entertaining world. What is horror today compared to yesterday? Why do I enjoy horror and what keeps me going back to the books that make me want to sleep with the light on. More and more and more on how horror was introduced and what makes it so darn fun to read and watch! And lastly, my idea on what I want to see in upcoming horror books and films.

Although I will be reviewing, please please, if you enjoy horror or anything like horror (dystopian, psychological thrillers, etc) join me and add your ideas on what you think about the horror genre!

I’m constantly looking for books and movies that give me that scare that is so hard to come by anymore. Writers have to be top notch to make me jump. I love that they have to work though, because that means audience viewers like me are keeping writers on their toes! The Conjuring has been able to do what many other films have not, scare the crap out of me. Maybe it’s because of the unknown, and they film quite a lot of the movie in the dark. Or maybe it’s because we still do not know what is out there.

What movies are your favorite scares?

Annabelle Movies

Although I’m a fan of the Conjuring series of movies, I have never seen Annabelle. I noticed it was on one of our movie stations so I decided to record it. Fortunately I recorded Annabelle – The Creation, which is the prequel to the Annabelle series. Annabelle is the doll that the Warrens wind up talking about in the Conjuring movies and is one of the first of the relics they have stored away.

Annabelle – The Creation

If you haven’t watched any of the Annabelle movies, I suggest starting with Creation. While I was searching for all the Annabelle movies, I noticed there is also one labeled Annabelle 2, but that one is the prequel, so it looks like they may have re-branded it Creation to be less confusing. Rightly so!

The Creation starts off with an older couple that are willing to take in some orphans. They discuss if the thing is still around and mention that nothing has happened for twelve years. Why would anything change now? Why, indeed. This didn’t start off too creepy, but the creep factor rises suddenly. There are some not so nice older girls, which honestly I was hoping would bite the dust, until I remembered this is BASED (you know how that works) off a true story. Ok, so fine, but I sure hope they get scared into being nicer!

And they do. I have to admit, The Conjuring group has its finger on how to rise my pulse! I watched this during the day and I think had I watched it at night, I may have had nightmares! My hubby and I wound up talking about it before we went to sleep and I changed the subject.

It’s not the story itself. That’s the normal demon gets into doll story. But what is super creepy is that I had dreams of my Raggedy Ann doll attacking me when I was younger. Let’s not even go there! I’m not a fan of dolls as it is, due to the massive creep factor, but creating dolls is just asking for trouble. But sadly, the older gentleman was the one who originally created the doll, Annabelle. When their daughter died and they started seeing her ghost, of course they are going to allow her spirit into the doll’s body.

The way they filmed this was amazing. There are a lot of darker spots where you can’t see what is happening and have to pay close attention. The house gets darker and darker and then of course the lights go out. Of course. But, instead of it all being hilarious (like usual for me) this crap freaked me out! They way the doll attacks, by crawling along the floor or showing up behind you in a random room. Yeah, no thanks! But as a horror film, totally rocks!

Annabelle –

I instantly searched for Annabelle after finishing The Creation and this picks up right where they ended Creation. Which I thought was fantastic. There are no questions as to what is going on, the viewer knows this new family is in for some trouble!

While not quite as scary as Creation, Annabelle still has some moments. Again, the creep factor is there enough to where I wouldn’t want to watch both films at night. Although this one alone wasn’t as big of a deal. The doll constantly puts the mom into situations where there is no light, and while it works, it was perfected in Creation. It’s still good here but as a creepiness not full on scare.

There were a few jump moments, whereas in Creation there are few. It’s in your face scary while not being able to see what is in your face!

As a scary movie, this are freaking top notch! I loved both of them, although Creation shows the writer’s growth and imagination on how to truly scare audiences. Amazing!


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  1. Barb (boxermommyreads)

    I really liked Annabelle Creation much more than just Annabelle. It was interesting to see how they tied in though. I think The Conjuring is one of the scarier franchises out there. I enjoyed your post a lot!

    • Christina

      I was surprised! Although I shouldn’t be because they are so good! LOVED every second of it, even as I was thinking of watching behind my fingers! Have you seen the latest one that’s called Key something? I need to watch that!

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