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November 1, 2014 Blog 4


blog ahead

Woots! Blog Ahead is officially here!
The basic gist is it’s a bloggers version of NaNoWriMo and in Nov 70+ bloggers are blogging ahead with the goal of increasing their “Scheduled” posts by 30+ by the end of the month.For more info & to sign up go HERE.


FB Group

There’s a FB group for support during the event if you’d like to join…HERE


If you tweet about the event during the month #BlogAhead is the tag being used 🙂


spider line done

My Goals!

At the moment of writing this post I have 30 scheduled posts. My idea is to do 60 posts but then (in my OCD head) I would be at 99 so I’m shooting for a total of 61 posts done which would put me at 100 posts by the end of November.
At the end of every week for any posts that are posted I am going to make sure I hit that same number plus whatever is needed to hit my goal of 100.
My crazy equation is this:
w = Week Number
s = Scheduled posts
T = Total from beginning
N = Number of posts
# = posts that need to be created that week.

25(W) + S = #

# / 7 (Days of week) = Posts needed per day.

My stats & progress!

Starting Point
I have 39 scheduled posts as of Nov 1
I’ll be working on…
  • Horror Mondays
  • Terry Pratchett Craziness! Every week is going to feature a different thing/book on Terry Pratchett for the entire year.
  • Memes (Zen Wednesday & Cat Thursday).
  • How To posts – Disney Randomness & How to book a Disney Vacation.

 Week 1:

25(1) + 6 =  31

31 / 7 = 4.4 posts each day.

As of Monday Night: 70 posts scheduled

3 scheduled to post this week so 67 at the end of the week (at the moment).

31 needed.  4 more scheduled to post this week. In total (as of Tuesday) 27 more scheduled to post IN November so I’m trying to also create posts that make up for those numbers.

82  – 27 = 55 posts outside of November.


Week 2:

25(2) + 4 =  54 needed

I have 100 scheduled!! Really excited but hoping to push a little more and get that number to 110.


Week 3:

25(3) + 9 =  84


Week 4:

25(4) + 10 =  110



spider line doneLooking at the total number above I have to admit, it is daunting BUT looking at the posts required daily makes that number shrink quite a bit. I won’t be able to keep up daily but I will be able to add a post here and there which will keep my daily average up!

I have to post 25 posts each week and I think that is possible but I guess I’ll find out. Worst case scenario I’ll drop the total down if the first week stresses me out too much! Best case scenario I love having that many posts scheduled and will find the time to keep up with this crazy pace!

I’m hoping for the second!

Thanks so much to Herding Cats & Burning Soup for this fab idea!

4 Responses to “Blogging Ahead!”

  1. Rita @ My Home of Books

    Lol! I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry! You are just so…..organized! And a proficient, determined writer! I have 2 scheduled posts at the moment– you have a gazillion. Two different styles of blogging, I guess, but I applaud you. And don’t think we didn’t notice that you are sneaking your math homework into this blog, oh yes, I know you are taking some kind of math course right now and you are practicing on us poor math-illiterate folks such as me 🙂

    Good luck with your plans… for all my joking, I really wish you well with this. I, for one, enjoy reading most of your posts even if I don’t read much horror and don’t always comment. I’m still reading them. Have a good weekend.
    Rita @ My Home of Books recently posted…Weekly Wrap-Up 10/31/14-1/3/14My Profile

    • Christina

      You should have seen me trying to figure out that math! It was hilarious! I have to be ahead or I’ll stress out and then FREAK out! I am going to be a bit more casual next year, at least with book reviews. I’m hoping to actually get more poems and art in here! Sooner or later. And thank you! I’m the same with your posts. I love to lurk 😀

    • Christina

      I saw your number! We have some work to do! Going to be so much easier through the holidays though 😀