Blogging Ahead Mini – June 2017

June 15, 2017 Blog, Challenges 0

Challenge Dates

June 15th – 30th

The Goal

Schedule an additional 15 posts during the challenge.

On Day 1 of the challenge look at your number of scheduled posts. Add 15 to that. That is the number of scheduled posts you should have finished at the end of the challenge.


I did so well with the last Blog Ahead! I was even blogging ahead on a weekly basis and then … BLOG SLUMP. Reading slump, blog slump, basically I just had a massive slump. I’m changing up the blog a bit to help with my creativity but in the mean time I went from nearly 40 posts back down to 15. The horror…

I am also going to watch my niece and nephew for the summer, starting in July, so I have got to get my act together soon! Blog Ahead is coming at the perfect time to get some new content out and get motivated before I leave.

Want to join in? Check out Herding Cats & Burning Soup to sign up!

My Goals!

  • Work on the posts that I do every week, like TBT.
  • Memes that bloggers have updated for the month of June, July, and August.
  • Get the reviews for books that I have already read,  Reviewed and scheduled!
  • I’m hoping to do 2 posts a day which would total 30. My real goal is 50 since I might not be blogging for an entire month!
  • Do not count ANY that will post in June. Maybe…


As usual, a great big thank you goes to the lovely Herding Cats & Burning Soup for this fab idea!




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