Blogger Shame Review: Perilous Poetry by Kym Roberts

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Blogger Shame Review: Perilous Poetry by Kym RobertsPerilous Poetry (A Book Barn Mystery, #3) by Kym Roberts
Published by Harlequin Teen, Llewellyn Publications on October 10th 2017
Pages: 206
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Charli Rae Warren doesn’t plan on striking it rich as the owner of an independent bookstore in Hazel Rock, Texas—especially one with a pink armadillo as its mascot. But when an ingenious advertising campaign puts her business on the map, it ropes in some deadly publicity . . .

Charli can’t believe writer Lucy Barton has agreed to promote her latest Midnight Poet Society novel at The Book Barn Princess—or that there’s only a week-and-a-half to prepare for the signing. It’s all because of The Book Seekers, a smartphone app created by her cousin Jamal exclusively for Charli’s bookstore, which sends fans on a virtual scavenger hunt around town for a chance to meet the bestselling author. But as soon as it goes live, people turn up dead . . .

Someone’s using The Book Seekers to track victims and copycat the fictional Midnight Poet Society homicides, and horrified locals suspect Jamal could be the mastermind behind the crimes. While Charli readies the Barn for a stampede of new customers, it’ll take true grit to shelve the culprit before her brainy cousin gets locked behind bars, Ms. Barton backs out of the visit, and she finds herself up a creek—with a serial killer holding the paddle!

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Yay a book that hasn’t been sitting on my TBR for two years! I’m still blogger shamming this one because I love this series and sat on this book for a few months before getting to it. Basically shamming myself anyway!

Fortunately, I knew when I opened this baby up, that I would love it! This series has set some of the bars on my expectations for cozy mysteries. Charli owns a bookstore, and guess what?! She actually works! Go figure. Actually, she’s probably in the bookstore most of the time, which makes so much sense for a store owner.

Her zest for life is also fantastic. The characters surrounding her are fabulous as well, but my favorite is her pink armadillo! A PINK ARMADILLO. If I didn’t have five dogs I would feel the need to adopt one of these little guys. They just sound amazing. Of course, fiction is not real life, but she adds quite a bit to the story, even if it’s just grunting and side looks at Charli.

This story picks up right where book two, A Reference to Murder, left off. Poor Charli has basically been in trouble since she went back to her hometown, for various reasons. The reason behind this one made sense, but was not something that I was able to piece together. There aren’t too many clues lying around. Which, again, is fabulous. I don’t want to figure a story out in the first chapter. There are some clues, but I kept assuming and pointing my fingers at the wrong people.

The one thing that drives me crazy is the love triangle. I’m so used to one person wanting to get involved with the person who is involved with this other person (THAT made total sense). Is this a love triangle when two guys are vying for the same girl? Either way, it’s driving me nuts. Which, I guess is a great thing about Kym Roberts. She can keep me hanging on a string and I keep coming back for more. DANG IT!

Both guys are pretty extraordinary as well. Although I have my dang preference. Big time. There’s just too many mishaps with the second guy, that make me want to kick him in the shin. I won’t say anything else since there may be spoilers, but I’m sure we’d all be on the same team if you read this!

So exciting that book four is coming out later this year! I can’t wait to see who Charli chose!

In short: Super cute! Lots of action but not overboard. Love Charli and her little princess armadillo!

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Overall: 4.9 / 5




About Kym Roberts

Three career paths resonated for Kym during her early childhood, a detective, an investigative reporter, and a nun. Being a nun however, dropped by the wayside when she became aware of boys, they were a perk to life she couldn't deny. In high school her path was forged when she took her first job at a dry cleaners and met every cop in town, especially the lone female police officer in patrol. Following her dream led to a degree in Administration of Justice and the Kansas City Police Department. Kym followed her dream and became a detective that fulfilled her desire to be an investigative reporter, with one extra perk--a badge. Promoted to sergeant, she returned to SVU a short time later. She retired from the job reluctantly--her husband drug her kicking and screaming to another state,but writing continued to call her name.


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2 Responses to “Blogger Shame Review: Perilous Poetry by Kym Roberts”

  1. Barb (boxermommyreads)

    Other than the love triangle – which tend to drive me crazy, these sounds like tons of fun. And I love books featuring books/bookstores. Have you read any of the Library Lovers series by Jenn McKinlay – they are awesome!

    • Christina

      Fortunately, the love triangle isn’t in your face. It’s there, and she definitely has to choose between the two. Which is a no brainer for me! But, watching her make her decision is kind of fun. Although if she makes the wrong decision, in my mind, the author is going to get a letter! 😉 Going to look up Jenn McKinlay right now!