Blogger Hop: Negative Comments

March 22, 2017 Blog, Discussion Challenge 0

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This week: 24th – 30th – How do you handle negative comments left on your blog?

I get more spam than I get negative comments! While neither is a good thing, I have been lucky (knocks on wood) to not have many negative comments.

I do not talk about politics or religion on this blog. It’s called Creating-Serenity not Creating Arguments. I have had many critical statements on Facebook and I try to look at every side of an argument. I don’t always, and sometimes I can’t even see what someone else is trying to say due to my own myopia, however, I do try.

The only time I outright get pissed and go for the throat is when someone starts to tear someone else down. My daughter received a very negative comment about her being a tree hugger over an innocuous post. The comment came from a relative and he had not realized she was my daughter, however, how dare someone tear down a young adult. My daughter was 22 at the time but did not feel comfortable speaking with him. I will always stand up for an underdog, especially those that cannot fight back. But this was my daughter. Even if she can fight back, she shouldn’t have had to! I turn into a mama bear in times like these.

This may not be the best way. I am sure there are more zenful ways of dealing with people that strike first and ask questions later. When I find the patience to do that I’ll be very proud of myself. For now, I’m happy being a mama bear.

How do you handle negativity?




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