Blogger Hop! Buying Books for the Cover

September 15, 2017 Beyond the Books, Blog, Discussion Challenge 2

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Sep 15th – 21st :

Have you ever bought a more expensive edition of a book, when a cheaper edition was available, just because you preferred the cover of the more expensive one? (submitted by Maria @ A Night’s Dream of Books)

The easy answer is OF COURSE! I buy books just for their covers without reading the synopsis, so this is a no brainer, for me. There are those gorgeous B&N books that just beg you to buy them as you walk by anyway! And, considering the cost of the average hard back, these special editions, that are anthologies, are worth it. Especially if they have a few stories. Not that I’m trying to justify my expenditures, because it’s going to happen whether those books have multiple stories or not, but it helps.

We just started collecting these and all I currently have are the darker ones, Edgar Allen Poe, etc. But, they are on my list to buy every time I go into B&N. Plus, there are some classics that have covers that are gorgeous. And then, the new Harry Potter books with the covers that match the houses. I love all of them! The list goes on and on and on and on…

Do you buy books specifically for their covers?



2 Responses to “Blogger Hop! Buying Books for the Cover”

  1. Elley

    Usually my answer would be no, with the exception of Jane Austen’s novels in Penguin’s Clothbound Classics collection. I have Mansfield Park and Pride & Prejudice so far in this hardback series, and I hope to complete the rest of the collection someday!

    • Christina

      Everyone has their weakness! Actually, mine are just covers in general. I’m a terrible person. I love them though!