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December 22- Happy Holidays! How are you celebrating? (and/or- favorite holiday memory)

I do not have many favorite holiday memories. I love surprising my daughter with different elaborate gifts but my favorite part of the holidays is the fact that I’m an adult.

Many years the holidays were a depressing time because my family did not get along. My parents fought every Christmas about one thing or another. The house had to be cleaned the second we were done opening presents and then cooking had to be done.

Now? My husband and I take our time opening our gifts. The stockings are the biggest part! We make a big deal of every present and really try not to go over board. We enjoy our time with each other instead of ignoring each other and focusing on the gifts.

Last year we started a new tradition. On Christmas Eve we buy a book for each other, get into our pj’s with hot cocoa, open our books and read while listening to Christmas music. It’s the best time ever and really helps us to remember that the little things are just as important, if not more important, than the big things. We also have four dogs and a cat and they each get their own stocking filled with toys to open Christmas morning.

This year I am debating on creating treats for the pups so we can all be stuffed Christmas day!

How are you celebrating?








One Response to “Beyond the Books – How are You Celebrating the Holidays”

  1. Karen Blue

    Sorry to hear about your childhood Christmases. That sucks. My dad died when I was 6 on Christmas eve which made christmas a sad time for everyone. It wasn’t always sad but I can’t even listen to some christmas songs without tearing up
    It is nice that you get a do-over with your own kids. My adult memories have been the best. That is such a cool thing you guys do on Christmas eve! I doubt the males in my family would go for it, but there is no reason me and the girls couldn’t do it! Thanks for playing along this week.