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November 30, 2016 Beyond the Books, Blog, Guilty Pleasures 3


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November 30- What does financial freedom look like to you?

I want to laugh at this question because I feel like I haven’t found it yet! Financial freedom would be having the freedom to purchase whatever you want. Funnily, and I think everyone reading this blog would understand this, my favorite place to spend money is at the bookstore. When I can go to the bookstore and not cringe that I just spent $50 or $100, then that would be financial freedom.

My hubby and I also have four pretty spoiled mutts. SPOILED. Everyone but my hubby and I think this. First of all, every time I leave the house I WANT to get them a treat or toy. They are my furbabies and they need consoling when I return. What better way than to get fabulous, myriads of toys for them to be able to choose from? Sadly, I cannot buy all the toys in the world! Weirdly though, if they had all the toys in the world I think they would still prefer cardboard boxes and water bottles, or hangers.


What does financial freedom mean to you?



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  1. Karen Blue

    Awe, cute pup. I was just the opposite with my pup. My dog is a yorkie and he is my first toy breed. After buying him everything the first year oh having him, and him not playing with anything, I gave up. This past xmas my Miguel bought him a big stocking full of toys and he is still playing with them. Maybe it’s me, lol! It would be nice to just go and shop without having to worry about having money for milk and gas. Maybe someday…

    Thanks for playing along this week!
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