Beyond the Books – Favorite Things that Do NOT Cost a Lot of Money

November 16, 2016 Beyond the Books, Blog, Guilty Pleasures 0


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November 16- Your favorite fun things to do that don’t cost a lot of money.

My hubby and I love watching movies so if we decide a movie is worth going out for then we always choose matinee. Our matinee prices are way cheaper than the normal prices so although going to a movie at night is fun, it can be costly! Then we go out to lunch, again a bit cheaper than going to dinner.

If we do not want to spend that kind of money because even lunch is expensive, then we order a movie online. I love this because we can make our own dinner and make it as dark or as bright as we want and then we are in our own living room, eating our popcorn that did not cost $10 a bucket and we do not even have to drive anywhere!

Our most fav thing to do is game. We both love gaming and although he’s a bit more of a fan of games than I am, or at least mmo’s, we both play WoW on a regular basis. It’s $15 a MONTH! That’s a great price for a hobby! My character is below. Normally I wouldn’t go for green but this outfit just works! So much fun to play dress up with online barbie dolls.


And when we’re not glued to the television, our computers, or our phones, we enjoy getting out and walking our pups. We live on a farm road so walking for miles is easy for us. It’s a great way to get exercise but also a great way to spend time together and not have to fork over a dime! When we’re not walking, Bruno (see below) likes to pretend to be Eeyore.


What are your favorite things to do while staying frugal?





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