Beyond the Book – How Are You Brave?

November 10, 2016 Beyond the Books, Blog, Guilty Pleasures 2


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November 10- How are you brave?

To be completely honest, I am not the bravest person out there. That said, when it comes to protecting my loved ones, I become a mama bear. You know the mama types that will not back down no matter what if their baby cubs are in danger. That’s me. Except I do tend to protect those that seemingly cannot protect themselves. Anyone that is the under dog will become my baby. There are too many horrors in the world to NOT stand up for what we believe in. Too many bullies out there hurting the ones we loved and too many ways to hurt them.


Fortunately, I have not had to protect my loved ones very often. There was this time when my daughter and I were walking to my Dad’s after my car broke down. It was dark and we weren’t in the best neighborhood but I was trying to keep our spirits up and we were playing and giggling while we walked. Some dogs heard and started running towards us, my daughter turned tail and ran! I mean RAN. Think Forrest Gump here. All I knew was that I was not going to let anyone hurt my baby. I turned to those dogs and yelled at them. I do not even know what I said. I acted like a cobra, raised my arms and shoulders and basically let them know that I was tougher than they were and I wasn’t there to play. They actually turned around. I finally caught up with her and now we giggle about this every time it comes up. Nobody is going to touch my baby girl!

The sentiment is right but technically this bear is eating popcorn. Thanks for the picture Borda. It’s hilarious but helps me to tell my story!

So, how do you guys show your bravery?

Sometimes it feels brave just to step outside your front door.


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    • Christina

      My pleasure! What a great way to get bloggers talking! Looking forward to more!