Audio Book Review: The Apocalypse Crusade 2 (War of the Undead Day 2) by Peter Meredith

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Audio Book Review: The Apocalypse Crusade 2 (War of the Undead Day 2) by Peter MeredithWar of the Undead Day Two (The Apocalypse Crusade #2) by Peter Meredith
Series: The Apocalypse Crusade #2
Published by Simon & Schuster on August 31st 2015
Narrator: Erik Johnson
Length: 10 hrs and 25 mins
Genres: zombie
Source: AudioBook Reviewer
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Day two. Quite simply, what could go wrong did go wrong.Given the choice between assuming leadership of a situation that is pure chaos, where the National Guard is forced into a position of going to war against a trapped and possibly infected citizenry, the President choses to punt. He knows what enforcing a quarantined zone will require: the massacre of tens of thousands of terrified people demanding to get out, and there is no way he’s going to have his name and legacy sullied.Suddenly a “States Rights” champion, he leaves the situation under the control of the Governor, but not before hampering the men on the lines with Rules of Engagement that are meant to sooth journalists instead of creating a possibility of victory.Tasked with the impossible, General Collins, commander of the 42nd Infantry Division is in a meeting with the Governor when the perimeter of the quarantine zone is ruptured. When his command post is overrun he’s grinding his teeth, sitting in front of the President as he smiles for the cameras, makes jokes and demands answers. And in the dead of night when a hundred thousand Infected Persons slug it out toe-to-toe with the fractured remains of his division, he is the only reinforcement available to shoulder a rifle.Inside the Zone, the survivors of Day 1 are dying by the score as Dr. Lee and her friends, hopelessly fight their way from one end of the Zone to the other, desperate to escape. But there is no way out except through death at the ripping teeth of the undead. Striving to put that horrible moment off as long as possible, she finds herself trapped alongside Anna Holloway and Lieutenant Eng—they are three scorpions in a bottle...a bottle surrounded by countless undead.

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I was worried after reading so many of Peter Meredith’s books, that I would not remember what happened in book one of War of the Undead. As soon as I started this memories of that book came piling in. It helps that Peter Meredith peppers hints from the previous book. They are scattered throughout so reading these a year apart would not be a big deal. Although, I would definitely recommend reading book one prior to book two.

This did seem to jump right in where book one left off. There are many, many characters but the main few who did survive are in this. Interestingly enough, I forgot that the government tried to put up a quarantine zone. As the book progresses the characters that are involved are those in that quarantine blockade and those in the zone.

Since this is another zombie book, some may ask why they should read this. Peter Meredith has a way of making zombies horrific even after we have read about them for so many years. He brings a new edge, a new way of thinking about them, and adds that into a plot that is chock full of twists with characters that sometimes grow through their characters arcs and sometimes die. This is why I love reading his books. Not only that but the zombies in this particular series are just scary!

Unlike zombies in other stories, some of these can think and react to us. They are still people, they are just pissed off people that crave blood. Which of course means that they can think and plan. Not something I would hope for in a zombie. This makes them even harder to predict and harder to kill.

Some of these characters stand out more than others, whether for good or bad, but what makes all the difference is the fantastic narration from Erik Johnson. It’s as if he can make the feelings of the characters palpable. Where Peter Meredith makes someone fall in love, Erik makes us feel that and the empathy that goes along with knowing that they are probably going to die! It’s a great team for a great horror. The audio was well done but I was way too into the story to notice any hiccups anyway!

On a side note, this is the first horror in a while that gave me nightmares! Something has to be said for that!



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Having tried his hand in real estate, as an emergency room nurse, and a CEO of a national lighting company, he has come to find that his true addiction is as an author.




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