Audio Book Review: Harmony Black by Craig Schaefer

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Audio Book Review: Harmony Black by Craig SchaeferRed Knight Falling (Harmony Black, #2) by Craig Schaefer
Published by Simon & Schuster on 26 April 2016
Narrator: Christina Traister
Length: 10 hrs and 25 mins
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Source: AudioBook Reviewer
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Fresh from their victory over the Bogeyman, FBI agent Harmony Black and her team, Vigilant Lock, face a new type of threat: one from beyond the stars.
They’d always heard the Red Knight was an urban legend: in 1954, three years before Sputnik launched, a mysterious satellite was sighted circling Earth, though no power on the planet had such technology.
But the Red Knight is real, and what’s more, it’s inextricably linked to a supernatural force no one yet understands. Like a moth to a flame, this dark presence collides annually with the airborne satellite. Except this year the Red Knight is on course to crash-land…in Oregon.
Vigilant Lock sets out to find the crash site and secure the remnants before the mysterious power is drawn to Earth. But they soon discover the mission is far from straightforward—and they aren’t the only ones tracking the Red Knight. To stop a deadly occult threat, Harmony and her team must use all their resources: technology and sorcery, science and magic. Fortunately, Harmony has only begun to discover her growing power.

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It’s taken me a while to get used to Harmony. Honestly, she pisses me off quite a bit. After all the crap she gave Daniel about not doing the “right” thing when she plainly could not see that there were a lot of gray areas, she goes off and does the same thing! This book really goes a bit more into how she thinks and why she does the things she does, without being tedious.

That said, I still do not like her at all. This story was better than her first, but I just wanted to put the book down. Or headset in this occasion. There’s just something about Harmony that grates on my nerves. I’m glad this story was better, but I would much rather listen to Daniel Faust’s story than hers. It does sound like Craig Schaefer is bringing the two plots together though. My hubby and I were speculating where this one was going to go and we think the time frame fits for when Daniel’s fifth book, The Killing Floor Blues. Whether we are right or not, the plots do seem to have a few things in common. Mainly, that there is a lot of stuff going on in the world that we are not set to handle by ourselves! Even with magic.

I did really like the plot to this one. The Red Knight was intriguing and even through my dislike of Harmony, I was curious about what was going to happen. The narration was wonderful. I am getting more accustomed to Christina Traister’s way of narrating and was delighted this time by her take on Harmony. What did not seem to work with book one, seemed to work very well here. If I’m nitpicking, the only critique I would have is that the narration is not always spot on. When the voices change Christina does not always keep up with the transition so as a listener it makes it a bit more difficult to know when someone else is speaking. I only noticed this a couple of times though.

Once again, Craig Schaefer is able to bring multiple plot lines together at the very end. He is a genius at taking something that looks like it may not get resolved and suddenly everything falls into place. While this was not my favorite, I did love the way it ended. It left it open for another Harmony, although, like I said above, I’m hoping Harmony and Faust will finally come together. After what she saw in this book maybe she won’t be so dead set stubborn on knowing right from wrong.

Craig Schaefer fans will definitely want to read but it is not quite up to his other books.



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The Author


About Craig Schaefer

By the time he was four years old, Craig Schaefer knew he wanted to be a writer. He also wanted to be an astronaut, a private eye, and a fire truck, so nobody paid much attention. Other passions came and went with age, but the love of writing remained. He cut his teeth on the crime thrillers of Elmore Leonard and Richard Stark, which may explain a thing or two about the person he is today.

Exploring other genres he soon latched onto horror and weird fiction, falling hard for the worlds of Clive Barker and H.P. Lovecraft. The books of the Daniel Faust series are written in honor of all the writers who shaped him, blending gangsters, guns and black magic in a manner not unlike, he hopes, chocolate and peanut butter.

Research for the Faust novels has led Craig down some curious alleys -- sometimes literally -- and to conversations with interesting and occasionally frightening people. His reference bookshelf, stocked with tomes covering the spectrum from criminology to demonology, has been variously described as "disturbing," "a bit eccentric," and "the reason I'm not dating that guy anymore."

While he considers Las Vegas his second home and visits every chance he gets, Craig presently lives in Joliet, Illinois, the home of the Blues Brothers. He dwells in what was once a turn of the century convent, though he has never seen the alleged (and obligatory) ghostly nuns. The pipes do rattle in the night, though, and if you're standing in just the right spot, they sound like the pitter-patter of children's feet rushing by on the floor just above you.

When he's not behind the keyboard, he can be found visiting Chicago's historic museums, haunting libraries for inspiration, and spending too much time gaming while he should be writing. He also dabbles in sleight of hand, though unlike Daniel Faust, he's not very good at it.



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