Audio Book Review: Feylands by Peter Meredith

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Audio Book Review: Feylands by Peter MeredithThe Feylands (The Hidden Lands #1) by Peter Meredith
Series: The Hidden Lands #1
Published by Peter Meredith on April 30th 2013
Narrator: Fred Wolinsky
Length: 7 hrs and 14 mins
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 300
Source: AudioBook Reviewer
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Ella Belmont is a normal girl to those who don't look too close. To those with a keener eye it's obvious that she's a step apart—a step above. She has an easy grace, a natural beauty, and a serenity of the soul that isn't at all common in modern America. Ella is different and purposefully so, she just doesn't realize it. Nor does she realize that she is in fact a pawn in a deadly, magical game where lives and hidden kingdoms hang in the balance and the question on everyone's lips is not who is she, but what is she?To be precise, she is bait.

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Peter Meredith is one of my favorite authors. His books are filled with exciting plots, well built characters, and fraught with tension that you can cut with a knife! I am in love with his zombie stories, although most of them give me nightmares, so when I saw this, although it is fantasy, I still jumped at the chance. Sadly, I think my hopes were a little too high.

First of all, Peter’s great writing is peppered throughout this story. There are passages where I can really tell he wrote this, but then there are others that make me wonder if this was a first book maybe, or if someone wrote it with him. This could be it, or my dislike could be due to four other reasons:

  1. My hopes were way too high! After reading the apocalypse series and falling in love with other characters, it is hard not to WANT to fall completely head over heels for another book that an author writes. I think I went into this hoping for something that it just could not deliver as a fantasy.
  2. It is fantasy. I do not normally do well with fantasy unless there is an element (a huge portion) of the book that is horror.
  3. My own current reading habits. Although, I think it has less to do with this because I have read a few books over the last three months that have really pulled me in. Sadly, this was not one of them.
  4. The narration. The plot does lend to a sort of over dramatic feeling but I thought the narrator went overboard way too many times. There are pauses when I would not expect them and the starts and stops are very staccato. I felt like I was in a car ride where the driver continues to press on the brake without warning. I was jolted many times and found that I could not get into the story.

The plot was interesting at first. Again, my reading habits (due to stress in real life) have been atrocious so something really has to grab me for me to be able to stick with it. Sadly, this fell short. Ella finds out she is adopted and freaks out. I’m talking seriously flips and runs away. This did not resonate with me at all. Right from the beginning I started to dislike her and her strange actions. I never fully understood her or the things she was doing.

With the narrating issues, I never felt like I could fully understand any of the characters. I could not get into this one at all. I do recommend Peter Meredith and I may decide to read this instead of listening, but as an audio, it was not my favorite fantasy.


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Overall: 3.2 / 5
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About Peter Meredith

Peter Meredith is the multi-genre author of The Trilogy of Void, The Hidden Lands series, The Sacrificial Daughter, A Perfect America and Sprite.
Having tried his hand in real estate, as an emergency room nurse, and a CEO of a national lighting company, he has come to find that his true addiction is as an author.


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