Behind Ruff Day

It’s been a RUFF day

You know it’s been a hard day when all you want to do is snuggle. Of course, all I want to do is snuggle all the time. Probably because the world out there is hard. Life is hard! This is why, if there is a god, he/she made dogs. Dogs are great! They are capable of putting a smile on my face at even the worst of times!

This is why I have five.

Also, because my hubby and I are nuts.

But really, it’s because we cannot walk past a puppy without wanting to adopt them. I grew up with Rottweilers. They were always big doofuses! Lovable, slobbering, doofuses. My parents got my first pup when I was in fifth grade. I got to choose her. We got a fluffy chow that looked like a miniature teddy bear. It was over after that. Pups have been in my life ever since.

The Pups:

My hubby and I chose our first puppy together just about eleven years ago. This pup! Jaxson was a little furball. Basically still is. He walks his own path but listens when I push him, sometimes literally! Everyone that meets him thinks he’s a girl because he’s just so pretty. He loves meeting people and will tear the door down if possible just to bark hi to a stranger. If we could teach this old guy to NOT jump up when he’s meeting people, I think life would be a little easier. He just gets so damn excited.

The way we adopted my baby girl, Annabelle, is ridiculous. My hubby said “Don’t turn around” so obviously I did. She’s the cutest pup ever, so it was worth it! She’s also my lap baby. She sleeps in between the hubby and I, and does not let me leave a room without knowing why. She is also the pup that lets me know that I’m getting stressed before I know it. But instead of being a therapy pup, she leaves the room! Any time I’m stressed, she goes and takes a nap in bed.

We got our next puppy because the above two are my puppies and the hubby was jealous of all the attention I got! We just happened to notice a gorgeous, lean, pup in Petco and decided to check him out. AFTER adopting him we learned about Weimaraners and how they can test their owners! He definitely keeps us on our toes. Even so, he’s a great pup and was my husband’s. So it was win/win for everyone. We just had to learn to train better. Which we really haven’t done, yet…

Then there’s Bruno! We did not adopt Bruno, he adopted us. The hubby saw a dog outside and was worried that he would hurt the other pups. I saw a frightened, skinny little guy that needed to be fed. So, of course I fed him. He’s been eating every since! Bruno is now working on his way to becoming a land seal by eating everything he can get his mouth on. Remember those Micky commercials where the kid would eat anything? Yeah, that is this boy. He’s also my therapy pup. Unlike Annabelle, when I start to stress he sits on my lap and gives me kisses.

Then there’s Monty! We bought our new house and the yard is fabulous! We loved the idea of having so much room for the pups. Once again, while at Petco, we were devastated to see so many dogs there! Monty’s coloring just struck us. We had all brownies! It was time to adopt a pup that looked a little different. This pup is full of love, really they all are. This guy is a Blue Heeler and Pit mix. He’s so smart and learns tricks faster than any of our other pups. Although I think Gio could learn as fast if he weren’t so stubborn!

Curious-er and curious-er? The rest of the blog:

Sometimes I feel like Alice in Wonderland, but apparently this is that thing called life. I do have an innate curiosity. I love to learn and I have shared that with my daughter (you’ll see her every once in a while, but it’s pretty rare since she has a real job!). We both want to stretch our minds and really learn about the world around us. There is SO MUCH to be excited about! I’m quite eclectic so keeping this blog to a theme has been a bit of a challenge. So, I’m trying to keep my geekdom to a few things.

What I love?

A little of EVERYTHING, but to make it short…

  • BOOKS – horror, paranormal, romance, and more! (horror, horror, horror)
  • Learning
  • Poetry
  • Being Geeks (Watching movies, television shows, learning)
  • Family (mutts, the more the merrier)

Mostly though, you’ll see my reviews, neanderthal reviews (that’s the hubby) and when I can get my daughter on here, some of her poetry!

Why do I blog?

At first it was to get my thoughts out there. And then authors and publishers got more interested in the reviews and I got more and more excited about reading! If that’s even possible.

How could I not? Right!!?

So, mostly I blog because I love to help. Especially the up and coming authors, so you’ll see quite a few from DEBUT and INDIE authors. And then sometimes you’ll see some mainstream stuff, but I love to help the little guys and gals out there!

Goals for Ruff Day Reviews!

To not only bring my thoughts across but to help as much as I can with the fabulous books, recipes, and painting ideas I come up with or find, but mostly to be as supportive as I can be because life is hard. Hopefully with these reviews and my silly pups, we can put a smile on your face!





23 Responses to “Behind Ruff Day”

  1. Tien

    I love your set up! And I see that we read pretty much all over the place (ie. everything) ha ha ha…

  2. Laxmi

    My parents thought that it would be great to punish me by making me write out of the dictionary when I was in third grade… wow! Am struck again about how small incidents in childhood blossom into obsessions held over a life-time! May the ‘eclectic’ force be forever with you 🙂

    • novareylin

      Ha! Thanks! I actually hated being so eclectic until recently. I’ve seen that it can be a force to be reckoned with instead of a hindrance! Imagine that. And yes, my parents are crazy people but they meant the best. And now MY daughter loves to read! It’s a great life!

  3. Astrid Yrigollen

    Hi ,Thank you for your review of The Mosswoods. I actually love the fact that you could not stand Fern, Poppy’s mother! I didn’t like her much myself. Very close minded and stifling with Poppy and you were able to pick up on that very well! 🙂 I added your blog to my site here:
    I plan to redesign my website but links will stay 🙂
    Thank you again,
    Astrid Yrigollen

  4. April Grey

    Dear Nova,

    Thank you for having me on your blog last month.

    Please drop in this afternoon (Tues. Dec. 18th) to
    the virtual release party for St. Nick’s Favor, the sequel to Chasing
    the Trickster.

    The party will be held from 1-5 pm EST. There will be novel and
    short story giveaways. Also holiday recipes and music (if I can
    figure out how to do that with Facebook). And there
    will be a book trailer for St. Nick’s Favor as well.

    Free copies will be available to reviewers.

    St. Nicholas asks Nina Weaver to be his emissary. Her mission is to
    take a one-way trip five years into her past to save the lives of
    thousands of children. Doing this will result in her losing the life
    she has built in New York City, including her relationship with
    Pascal Guzman. Nina faces down corporate greed, attempts on her life
    and the terrors of the Trickster God to keep her promise.

    Even if you can’t attend the party, please drop by to “like” the page.

    Hope to see you there,

    April Grey

  5. Joan Mauch

    Thanks for reviewing my novel, “The Mangled Spoon”. While I don’t necessarily agree with all of your coments, I very much appreciate your taking the time to read and give it an honest assessment. Perhaps my forthcoming novel, “The Waterkeeper’s Daughter” will be more to your liking. –Joan Mauch, Author of “The Mangled Spoon”

    • Christina

      Hey Joan! Thank you so much for stopping by! The full review will be out in a few months (I think) on BTS emag’s website. I couldn’t put everything on Goodreads but I put what I was hoping would intrigue people to read and understand my pov. More positives coming! 😀

  6. Jennifer Bird

    Hi, Christina,

    I just saw your review of my book, Permission Granted: Take the Bible into Your Own Hands on Amazon. I appreciated your kindness and honesty. If you’d be up for it, I’d love to just as kindly and gently respond to some of your concerns. If not, I respect that.


    • Christina

      Thank you! I had a few weeks off because of vacation and school. Now I’m getting back into the groove! Missed my reading!!

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