A Simple Request

January 22, 2015 Poetry, White 0

by Lilly Baxley

Often, my mind is lost

it floats away,

gone for hours

gone, for days.

Searching, seeking

another home

tired or the restlessness,

of being alone.

I sent a letter

tied safely to a balloon.

I wait nowBalloon_in_the_Sun_by_ArcanePrayer

for a reply

waiting, in the sunny afternoon.

It was green, the balloon

to catch the eye

of any passerby.


for happiness,


to represent life.

I didn’t have much to say

or even much to ask,

but one question did surpass.

Will you come to my hill,

the one where I wait?

To sit with me

in the peaceful place.


About Lilly Baxley

Stage manager, theater lover, artist in various forms. poetry writer and wannabe killer of zombies! (Michonne in the making)

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