The End

May 4, 2012 Dark, Poetry 0

by Lilly Baxley

A picture of sin

All I’ve done, wrong

I can’t hide

It won’t take long

One day the end-

Will come for me

And he will send

Me to death

or set me free.

Afraid I’m not good enough

I don’t call to your aid

Under his judgmental sword

his fiery blaze.

Finally down on my knees

After a life of pain

I plead for forgiveness

realizing the possible gain.

Not worthy of you

Why bother to ask

But I know what you can do

Your hand I reach to grasp.

Flames strike my flesh

He won’t let me stay

I gaze into your eyes

knowing I have so much to pay.

Choose your ending:

Happy —

You grasp my spirit

From the fires that consume

To safety, allowing

me to follow you.

Sad —

I watch you with fear

as you drift away

eyes filled with tears

All the lights fade.

About Lilly Baxley

Stage manager, theater lover, artist in various forms. poetry writer and wannabe killer of zombies! (Michonne in the making)


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