Horror Mondays! Movie Review: Insidious 2

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Horrifying MondaysHorrifying Mondays is all about what scares us. The horror behind the curtains that we refuse to open, the creatures in the dark, and sometimes those creatures that are in the open!

Each Monday will bring a different horror… to help you cope with the horror that is Monday with the horrors that are in the fantasy world.




Horror for Today: Ghosts!Insidious 2


The haunted Lambert family seeks to uncover the mysterious childhood secret that has left them dangerously connected to the spirit world.


My Thoughts HorrorFirstly, if you have not seen Insidious this will be a very confusing movie. You must see the first prior to viewing this one.

Ok, now with that out of the way…

The movie had its moments. You could see that it was from the same director from Paranormal Activity but maybe not Saw so much. There isn’t much gore at all, unlike Saw. But the way the film was captured was reminiscent of Paranormal Activity but more of a movie instead of amateur filmography (as the film was intended).

The timeline was very easy to understand. This move takes place THE day after the first ends. Literally they are trying to move on with their lives but there is also the death of Elise to contend with. The murder actually. Talking to a cop about paranormal activity is a bit of a reach. I mean, they are supposed to be scientists at heart so I can see how this wouldn’t go over well. The only thing that disappointed me was that there wasn’t much about the investigation even though the movie started with Renai was in an interrogation room. This plot in the movie fizzled out.

The rest, however, had me asking questions throughout. I was quite curious how things were going to move along and how and why things were starting up again. I mean moment after moment of paranormal happenings and I would probably be pretty freaked out. But there are some kind of cheesy moments that harken back to the 80’s. I mean, it’s not terrible or anything and I guess I have a thick skin when it comes to horror. I was watching my husband just about pee himself and I was laughing at the movie!

There were some moments where I thought I was going to jump out of my skin though! Not many, but there were a few. And the entire story line of both movies was brought to an end with lots of questions answered. With the exception of the investigation of course.

Overall, very well done! IF you are not too interested in the actual answers behind the plot making! If you’re just looking to be scared for a short while then I think they did a superb job. There are some plot holes but in the end, everything was answered. Not very neatly but it is done. I’m excited because they left it open for an Insidious 3 although that will probably not have anything to do with the family that we’ve come to be scared for. Thankfully for them. I think they’ve been through enough!

Horror Meter: 3.5/5

Gore: 0/5

Shock Factor: 3/5

Emotions: 4/5

Total Scare: 6/10


One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
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