Horror Monday: Book Review: Life in the Time of Zombies by Jeffrey Littorno

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I received this book for free from AudioBook Reviewer in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Horror Monday: Book Review: Life in the Time of Zombies by Jeffrey LittornoLife in the Time of Zombies by Jeffrey Littorno
Series: The Most Uncommon Cold #1
on August 1st 2013
Narrator: Todd Menesses
Length: 6 hrs and 24 mins
Genres: Horror, zombie
Pages: 353
Source: AudioBook Reviewer
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Imagine a world in which nothing is as it should be. Those whom we love do not recognize us. The basic laws of society no longer apply. And the dead do not remain still. That is the world in which reporter Kevin Turner finds himself. Now finding out the facts of the story do not matter as much as finding a way to stay alive.
The zombies are here and nothing will ever be the same again.
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horror monday

Talking about all the bumps in the night, the things that creep and crawl, and scare the daylights out of us!

Today, I’m once again talking about zombies.

Discussion: What zombie book or movie has creeped you out the most? Why?

My answer is in the review, but in short, it’s when they are much like an every day human. That just seems unnatural. As it should, but in reality, why would someone that JUST died not get up and start running after us? Or talk? … shivers!

The hubby’s answer: Other than the brain eating, decaying, unable to die, revenant that it is?

I think that is an awfully good answer. And pretty much sums up why zombies are so freaking ridiculously scary. I do not want to die by getting eaten to death. That just sounds like it sucks. Badly.

The baby girl says that zombies that can run ARE freaking scary because that makes US less likely to get away, and the aforementioned scenario happening.

Mini Me’s fav movie and why:

Movie: Zombieland

Because if you take out all of the comedy it is just as merciless as WAlking Dead Season 1 as far as creating a post apocalyptic world run over by zombies. And is made even better by its comic genius. But they added another element, the rules which are the rules anyone should follow during an actual zombie apocalypse but they layer in a whole story just by adding in following the rules. It’s my fav because it has everything. People do die and people do get bitten and turn but it’s also hilarious, there is love, sadness, and loss.

My most creeped out moment came from Dawn of the Dead. The beginning totally freaking sucks! See below for an example!

So.. that makes this book, Life in the Time of Zombies, even better to read. It really stretches the imagination of what zombies can and cannot do.

“Wha…what…hap… happened t…to me?” She stuttered and slurred, but her words could be understood. Her eyes were still glassy as she slowly turned her head to look at me.
I took me a few seconds to respond. Replying to someone who was just a moment earlier to all appearances dead has a way of taking your breath away. Eventually, I managed to say, “Well, I don’t really know, I…uh…came in and there was a man in…airport coveralls named James and…”
“I f-feel cold,” she muttered slowly as if she had not heard me. Sluggishly and with difficulty, she raised herself at the waist. She looked down at her bloody body surveying the damage. Until this point, I had not noticed that her right shoulder looked as if a bite had torn away a chunk of the flesh and her left cheek had four parallel deep scratches as if fingernails had ripped down the side of her face. I couldn’t see other wounds, but blood covered most of her light green uniform making it look black.
“You shouldn’t move!” I yelled. “Don’t move! I’ll go find a doctor!”
I was standing a few feet from her, but somehow she managed to twist around a reach my leg. I felt her hand grab hard into the skin of my calf.
“No, s-s-stay here,” she hissed as I yanked my leg free and backed away.
“You need a doctor!” I cried out as I spun around to leave.
When I reached the doorway, I looked back at her. She was still struggling to stand even as she slid her body toward me. A trail of smeared blood stayed on the white tile floor behind her. “Stay,” she hissed again, but I was already out the door.

Now for the review:

There were certain things in this that really gave me chills! First off, zombies that talk?! That is an issue!

My daughter and I had an entire conversation about this. When zombies can do things that are too human-like, then we have issues. Like running. Why would zombies just stop running all of a sudden. Yes, they are dead, but those muscles were just recently dead. The ability to talk calls in the same question.

The idea of this really gave me the creeps! It was such a great addition, especially since these “zombies” or in this book they are called shells, have literally JUST DIED. And mostly from a cold. So, I really enjoyed this turn of events and how the author really went out of the way to make readers look at zombies differently.

There were a few other areas where I was creeped out but really the talking thing was the pinnacle for me, and that was at the beginning. The narrator did a freaking fantastic job of upping the creep factor to intense! And the audio was fantastic so in the creepy times, they were full on “get me out of here, I want to leave” moments. Not often felt, even with horror, lately.

That being said, although the narration and audio was fantastic, the plot gave way a bit. I don’t understand at all why there had to be an issue in the main couple’s marriage, nor why Kevin did the things he did. He would choose to do something that would make me shake my head, and not things that I know from being a zombie reader, I mean things like eating all of his food in one furious sitting! And then he got sick later which of course pissed me off! Blockhead!

The story has its ups and downs. I really liked how they got to calling them shells and it fits the story line, but a lot did not fit. I also wanted to have more empathy for the characters but the more mistakes they made, the less empathy I felt.

In short: This was an interesting story and I am curious about the second but not so much that I would put all my other reads aside. Good Halloween time read.


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