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The Long Way Down by Craig Schaefer


The Long Way Down

Daniel Faust #1

372 pages

Published July 12th 2014 by Demimonde Books

Nobody knows the seedy underbelly of Las Vegas like Daniel Faust, a sorcerer for hire and ex-gangster who uses black magic and bullets to solve his clients’ problems. When an old man comes seeking vengeance for his murdered granddaughter, what looks like a simple job quickly spirals out of control.Soon Daniel stands in the crossfire between a murderous porn director; a corrupt cop with a quick trigger finger; and his own former employer, a racket boss who isn’t entirely human. Then there’s Caitlin: brilliant, beautiful, and the lethal right hand of a demon prince.

A man named Faust should know what happens when you rub shoulders with demons. Still Daniel can’t resist being drawn to Caitlin’s flame as they race to unlock the secret of the Etruscan Box, a relic that people all over town are dying — and killing — to get their hands on. As the bodies drop and the double-crosses pile up, Daniel will need every shred of his wits, courage and sheer ruthlessness just to survive.

Daniel Faust knew he was standing with one foot over the brink of hell. He’s about to find out just how far he can fall.


He Says:

  • Cover: The Mrs. said the cover is amazing and I should check it out, so I d/l the kindle edition and bought the whispersync feature so I could listen at work. I admit the covers to all the books in the series are awesome! They are very artfully done.
  • Synopsis: I, unlike the Mrs. do read the synopsis and I admit it reminded me of one of my favorite DC Characters John Constantine and I was like cool I will check this out!
  • Page 99: The page happens to fall on one of the best scenes in the book the ultimate con in cards how he can plays the table and manipulates the hand just by judging the players involved (no magic here just move along)
  • Narrator: I actually at first was hesitant as he was a little treble in tone but he ends up portraying the characters really well and shows the raw emotion and darkness. He gets you involved in the story, it was fantastic and it actually helped me get books 2-5 (well 4 but will get 5 soon!)
  • Favorite character: Daniel Faust aka John Constantine from Vegas he gets himself in trouble and knows he a damned soul just floating in the world just trying to protect his and his family. The world is falling down around him and he cant stand when people who harm innocent souls to get their way. Cross the innocent and you have problem.
  • Plot pluses: The story is just dark, there is no knight in shining armor no real moral compass just doing what needs to be done.
  • Plot minuses: The big plus can also be a big minus as it has one hell of a story arc when you think it cant get worse it does .. the darker the better I think is the motto of the author. However there is light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Writing Style: First person (not my favorite) but in this case it had to be written that way as the author leaves the side character activities as a mystery throughout the book.
  • Personal Enjoyment: Thoroughly enjoyed the book.
  • Rating: 4 out 5
  • Further comments: Only reason it does not get a 5 is because I do not know if I will go back and re-read the books anytime soon however I am very much attached to the author he does a great job on this story and others.


She Says:

  • Cover: As the hubby said, I saw this on audible and just loved it! Sold by the cover without even reading the synopsis.
  • Synopsis: I started reading this without reading the synopsis. I’m glad I did! I still haven’t looked at it.
  • Page 99: Poker Game with really high stakes! Nobody knows but Faust what he is really doing, which is basically playing the idiots for the fools that they are. Absolutely loved this!
  • Narrator: Fantastic job. I really felt like Daniel Faust was coming to life! His accent for Caitlyn was spot on!
  • Favorite character: It’s a toss up between Daniel and Caitlyn. Funnily, they have similar characteristics. I just love that Daniel is not your run of the mill hero. He’s willing to do things that no one else will. He’s truthful and to the point.
  • Plot pluses: There is a lot going on but it always adds to the story. There are so many different threads I could make an afghan!
  • Plot minuses: I do love dark, but this gets DARK. At one character’s death I was crying. Craig Schafer will kill anyone! Be afraid!
  • Writing Style: Although I put it as a minus, I do think the darkness and grit that comes out is fantastic. I love the characters and each has their own persona. The story flew, even with all the plot lines. And the ending was perfect. I was upset at first and hating on Craig a bit, but then the last chapter made up for everything.
  • Personal Enjoyment: Loved every minute.
  • Rating: 5/5 Although, the hubby is right. I’m not sure if I would re-read this but the story is so well written that I might down the road.
  • Further comments: This has moments that are VERY dark. Not suitable for teens.

Do you love an anti-hero? What makes them so fun?

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