Book Review: Wolves in the Woods by Brea Behn

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Book Review: Wolves in the Woods by Brea BehnWolves in the Woods by Brea Behn
Published by Black Rose Writing on May 29th 2014
Narrator: Caitlin Marshall
Length: 5 hrs and 57 mins
Genres: Apocalyptic, Young Adult
Pages: 205
Source: AudioBook Reviewer
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Meet Braelin a young girl in a world soon to be changed forever by a virus known as C47. Now an orphan, Braelin is forced to take care of herself. Come see the secret place in the woods Braelin escapes to and how she finds peace and happiness in a world that is harsh and all about survival. She learns to survive and fend for herself. Here we also meet two brothers, Timber and Aravon. Timber is the leader of a gang known as the Wolves. Aravon is the younger brother trying to keep his older brother in line. Filled with suspense, passion and excitement, Wolves in the Woods, will keep Braelin fighting for her life and for her love until the very end.
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The setup for this one was interesting but too fast. Braelin is in an apocalyptic world, by herself. Her entire family has died from a cold, and she is left to fend for herself. Her father has told her to stay away from the woods, but as a last resort she decides to go into the woods because she has no other means of survival. While in the woods she hears some men and runs away. They give chase but lose her.

Braelin winds up finding a home where someone used to live. He has all the means and securities, like androids that grow food, so she immediately feels safe and stays there.

The portion about the woods was the first strange part. There is no real reason from her father of why not to go into the woods, but later in the book other people talk about it and it is explained.

The time lapses are also strange. I wanted to get to know Braelin but there are so many times when time just jumps. There are some moments here and there where she sees someone in her woods, or when she’s talking to her robots, but that’s pretty much it. The robots also do everything from growing food to alerting her if someone is coming near, while she is away from the house. They can even tell her how to get out of traps. Like her own personal google. It all seemed too easily set up instead of lived through. It gave me a two dimensional look at who she was and how she was surviving.

Then she meets the brothers. The second portion of the book is about this almost love triangle, but not quite. I really hate love triangles, for so many obvious reasons. She smart but she gets herself into a lot of trouble with these two.

The ending is okay but again, it is forced. I wanted to really get to know Braelin but I feel that a lot was glossed over. It was a good story but not one of my favorites.

The narrator did do an outstanding job of ensuring the many characters in this were different. The audio was just as good. I loved Caitlyn Marshall’s narration, especially for Braelin. She just seems to have the right sound. Plus her voice is really pleasing to listen to. She did not whine, even when Braelin was down and out. Which is partially the character but also how the narrator brings that character forward. Although this story was not really my favorite, I really enjoyed Caitlyn’s take on it.

The Author


Brea Behn has been writing since the age of fifteen when she wrote a memoir for her twin brother. She currently writes YA fiction and non-fiction. She has published several articles for online magazines and journals. When she is not writing, Brea enjoys movies, plays, gardening and homeschooling her two children.

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