Book Review: The Get Over Yourself Handbook: On Cheating and Betrayal by R. Milton Quibner & Mia Matters

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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: The Get Over Yourself Handbook: On Cheating and Betrayal by  R. Milton Quibner & Mia MattersThe Get Over Yourself Handbook on Cheating and Betrayal by Mia Matters, R. Milton Quibner
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The Get Over Yourself Handbook is a simple way to get to the heart of today's complex relationship issues, from dealing with a cheating spouse, to what to do when your partner catches you in a lie, to any number of issues you normally need an expert to unravel. This easy-to-read booklet gives you the power to face whatever Life offers you while learning how to deflate the intensity of your reactions.

My Thoughts

Every relationship has some issues, even if they do not extend to betrayal, and I love self help books so I thought why not!?

My first comment is on the title though. People are secretive about their issues, especially in relationships. Nobody is going to want to tell the world that the relationship they are in has problems but seriously not if someone is cheating! So I think the name could be a bit different to hopefully bring people in to read the book but not to scare them off.

Secondly, the chapters are really short. I did like that for the most part and although the authors are telling the reader what to do, it’s given in a way of like an aunt explaining something. Again, not exactly a bad thing but some people want more anecdotes, something to soften the blow type of thing. With the name, Get Over Yourself, it is definitely not a book that softens anything! And although the advice was sort of in your face at times, it is true. Most of us do need to get over ourselves!

One thing that I was really bad about was thinking that my way was always the right way. Obviously being in a relationship, whether married or just friend, this idea is never going to be true. The authors have a chapter on this and on many more subjects and how detrimental this kind of thinking can be to a relationship!

The information was short but good. Most of it I have heard before but we all need reminders every now and again.



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