Book Review: Plato for Plumbers by Francis Gideon

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I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Plato for Plumbers by Francis GideonPlato for Numbers by Francis Gideon
Published by Less Than Three Press on Expected publication: September 9th 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Source: NetGalley
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The week before an important philosophy conference, Kenneth is struggling to finish both the last chapter of his book and the paper he's writing for the event. His efforts are thwarted by a leaky faucet—and his life as a whole is turned upside down by the plumber who shows up to fix it.


My thoughts

Fun, flirty with a lot of philosophical ideals for pleasure.

This is one of those that I picked up and had a completely different idea of what it was. I read the synopsis but for some reason didn’t get the LGBT thing from it. That doesn’t bother me, I’m not that much into it, nor erotica, but I thought, why not go with it and see where it ends up. There wound up only being a very few parts where I skimmed.

That being said, had I picked this up FOR the LGBT element, I may  have been more disappointed. There actually is not that much. What is there is sexy and enticing but it is a short book, just do not expect it to jump in and sizzle.

The plot line is actually interesting. So easy to read that I got through this in one evening. I really like Ken. He’s stressing a bit and his leaky faucet is driving him crazy. Especially since he has to finish a paper soon. Insert sexy plumber. Having had a completely different idea of the plot I didn’t think of anything until Ken said the plumber was really sexy. Threw me a little but not enough to not be interested. But that portion wasn’t even until 36% in! Most of this was about Ken and his ideals, giving a really good idea of where he was coming from before Mark even enters the picture.

The thoughts that go through Ken’s mind are just like any horny teen’s! I loved how he handled (or didn’t) the situation. He was really normal person with a crush.

That said the plumber, Mark, was a bit more two dimensional. They talked a bit but I wanted to know more about him. Ken was stressed though and it came through in their conversation. Only portions that really felt stagnated.

Sexy, fun, and very easy to all in love with. I loved the philosophical elements!

Drip drip drip. Ken got up. He walked into his bathroom and crouched under the sink. He stared at the pipes for fifteen minutes before he finally conceded that he had no idea what he was doing. Pipes were a maze, a labyrinth. Although he could think of a dozen quotations about the labyrinth and their impenetrability from Borges- or even about staring into abysses from Nietzsche- Ken knew that none of his philosophical nonsense was useful in stopping the noise.



The Author

Francis Gideon is an editor and writer. He has appeared in Microscenes, Gay Flash Fiction, and JMS Books. He lives in Canada.

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