Book Review: Life Is But A Dream by David Earle

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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Life Is But A Dream by David Earle Life Is But A Dream by David Earle
on February 4th 2014
Genres: Sci Fi, Thriller
Pages: 218
Source: Author
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Roger Owen, an African American family man in the year 2011, awakens the morning after his fortieth birthday to discover himself inhabiting the body of Sydney Hamilton, a Caucasian sixty-six year old Welsh Harvard Professor of History, whom he remembers nothing of, in what is now the year 2125. Roger's entire life up to that fateful evening in October 2011 is soon revealed as being only a memory of a past life. His odyssey of this strange new existence in the twenty-second century takes him from an insane asylum, to the care of an attractive, beguiling, empathetic psychologist named Dr. Jessica Wynn, to the acceptance of both lost lives and the pursuit of finding his ancestors from his past life. Through it all he must also deal with unraveling the mystery of a secret he unknowingly holds as Professor Hamilton regarding the truth of a catastrophic world event that occurred in 2115 that now threatens his life by a man who seeks to kill him.

Life Is But A Dream is a science fiction epic with an unfamiliar reverse twist on reincarnation that intertwines romance, suspense and mystery that entertains and captivates from the beginning to its dramatic spellbinding conclusion.

My Thoughts

What a weird and very interesting story. At first I wasn’t totally into it and sadly I just didn’t like Roger. He has a great life, with a great wife and kids, loves everything about his life and is turning 40. I wanted him to get run over by a car! I mean seriously, great I’m glad you’re happy but I don’t want to read about all that damn happiness!

And then the twist. He wakes in the hospital and is trying to figure out what happened when WHAM! He looks at himself and realizes he’s now a white guy! And not a 40 year old either but a 60 year old white guy… what the hell? Needless to say I was much more interested in the story at this point. It’s kind of like a psychological thriller. He’s trying to figure out what the hell is going on while everyone thinks he’s nuts.

The downside is the thriller portion didn’t get totally answered. The story was left at a place where you have to kind of answer your own questions. And it’s almost as if everything he went through was for naught, which drives me crazy! But there are some interchanging plot lines that run through this and I think those plot lines are what really kept me wanting to know more but the ending just left me a little weird. I loved it but I also hated it. I want to know more. I want Roger to know more!

The writing was definitely intriguing and although the plot left a little to be desired I found myself wanting to read because it was so interesting. The plot, the characters were engaging, but the writing itself was phenomenal.

Into sci fi or thrillers? You’ll enjoy the twists this one has.

The Author

Award winning writer David Earle was born and raised in Anaheim, California, and currently resides in northern Nevada amid the majestic High Sierras where he writes prolifically, varying from comedies to dramas, from novels to screenplays to plays, of which he has had four plays produced in the Greater Los Angeles, California area – After The Wedding; A Road To Nowhere; They’re Having A Deadly Good Time; and Postnuptials. Postnuptials had its Australian premiere in Sydney on February 8, 2013 where it ran for 24 successful performances and was chosen as one of the theatrical events for the 2013 Sydney Mardi Gras. His screenplay adaptation of Postnuptials won him an Honorable Mention award “In Recognition of Superior Screenwriting at the 2011 Las Vegas Film Festival”, as well as being honored with two nominations – Excellence in Comedy and Best Alternative/Social Issue – at the 2011 Action On Film International Film Festival. His fiction novel, Life Is But A Dream, is selling worldwide in 248 countries. The screenplay adaptation of Life Is But A Dream, that he wrote, won him three of the four awards it was nominated for at the 2012 Action On Film International Film Festival: Best Dialogue Feature; The Arthur Rosenfeld Award for Dramatic Writing; runner-up for the AOF Excellence Award in Writing; and nominated for Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Feature. In addition, David Earle is the author of the novelette, The Remarkable Travels of Billy Sparks, and his short story, The Calla Lilies. He is also a member of the Dramatists Guild of America.

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