Book Review: Bring Your own Lunch by Califia Suntree

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Book Review: Bring Your own Lunch by Califia SuntreeBring Your Lunch by Califia Suntree
Published by Workman Publishing on 2014-09-09
Genres: Cooking, Courses & Dishes, General, Methods, Quick & Easy
Pages: 100
Source: NetGalley
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With over 60 delicious, healthful, unexpected recipes, BRING YOUR LUNCH ensures DIY lunchtime success—and significant weekly savings—while keeping the brown-bag doldrums away. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a make-ahead food planner or a harried last-minute type—with its innovative, doable strategies, cooks of all kinds can learn to overcome the obstacles that keep them hooked on expensive takeout or boring PB&Js. There are quick Last-Minute Lunches, including salads—Kale Salad Agrodolce, Beet and Apple Salad with Walnuts and Cheese—and sandwiches—Proscuitto and Provolone Sandwich with Fig Jam, Deli Counter Banh Mi, El Turkey Club. Leftover Leitmotifs: Lamb Pita with Spicy Yogurt Sauce, Vietnamese Lettuce Wraps, Salmon & Swiss Chard Summer Rolls, Lo Mein with Garlicky Greens. Recipes that use the freezer wisely—Pumpkin Curry with Shrimp, Easy Empanadas, and other recipes are ready to go when you are. Snacks for when you want to ditch the vending machine—Tropical Fruit Energy Bars and Chickpea “Nuts.” Plus notes on essential equipment, tips for shopping and prepping, and a lunch larder of extras—Lemony Miso Dressing, Green Pea Hummus, Homemade Mayo. It’s time to end the cycle of broken lunch promises, too many trips to the taco truck, and all that money that disappears every week. It’s time instead to choose to BYOL—it’s healthy, wealthy, and wise, and now easy as could be.

My Thoughts

Lunch made easy

I am a housewife so you wouldn’t think making lunch would be so difficult. Sadly if I’m having a particularly difficult time in school or if the pups are driving me crazy, OR if I’m into a really good book, lunch can sneak up on me! There’s been times when the hubby has walked into the door and lunch hasn’t even been started! Other times I rush around an hour before with no idea of what to make or how to get it finished by the time he gets home. Sometimes I just give up and let him do it! So, as you can see I needed this book! But so do many people that have to rush around at lunch time, searching for something to eat, or searching before you leave home!

Great ideas and tips

The tips in here are fabulous! From easy ways to use leftovers, to using your freezer for easy to choose meals, and how to ditch the vending machine by making your own snacks. Also a nice little section on instruments that you will need to make your lunch making life easy! Prior to reading this chapter I scoffed a little. I mean, really, how many instruments do you need for lunch? But after reading about coolers, moisture-proof bags and wraps, bottles, and more I saw that these instruments are all about making life easy! There were many that I did not even think of, like a cooler on days that the hubster knows he’s not coming home for lunch!

Lunch strategy

Do I need a lunch strategy? Well, apparently since most of the time I feel like I’ve either dropped the ball, don’t like what I’ve thrown together, or I find that I am whipping up the same thing we’ve had for weeks! Step one for the lunch strategy was to think about lunch while shopping and cutting corners to make your life easier. I started cutting corners by making things ahead of time but plan to cut, cube, and great cheese to put into baggies for the week, and to prep veggies in advance! All the time can be spent in one day so there is also only one mess to clean!

Some easy to make recipes, some really yummy recipes

Salads, miso soup (I really want to do this one soon), sandwiches, and pizzas! There are so many ideas. And a chapter devoted just for leftovers! Which I love because I hate to throw out food! The only thing that threw me was that there were no pics! I love brilliant, gorgeous pictures of food. Somehow Calfia Suntree made the meals sound yummy without having any visuals. I normally do not try meals that do not have pictures (just a weird quirk of mine) but there are many, many recipes in here that I would love to try!

Pickling for dummies!

What an interesting bunch of recipes. I’ve always thought of pickling as this thing that would always be beyond my ability. Not only is there a recipe to make pickles but to pickle beets, carrots, green beans, and asparagus! This is definitely something I am going to try soon!

In short: For everyone! There are recipes and tips for parents and how to get your kids helping make lunch. There are also a ton of ideas for cool weather or hot weather meals. A must for everyone that wants to save money on lunch!






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