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What Goes on Tour
by Claire Boston
Adult Contemporary Romance
Ebook, 282 pages
February 11th 2014 by Momentum Moonlight

What goes on tour, stays on tour … or does it?

Few people know that socially awkward Adrian Hart is actually rock god Kent Downer, and that’s the way Adrian likes it. His privacy is essential, especially now that he has guardianship of his orphaned, ten-year-old niece, Kate. But when the nanny quits in the middle of his tour Adrian finds himself in a bind.

Until Libby Myles walks into his life.

Libby has only ever wanted to become a full-time author and prove to her parents that she can make it on her own. On the surface, the temporary job as the nanny for Kent Downer’s niece looks perfect—the pay is fabulous, the hours are short and Kate is a big fan—it’s the rock star that’s the issue.

Arrogant and way too attractive for anyone’s good, Kent Downer has enough swagger to power a small city. But when he’s out of costume he’s different—shy and uncertain. For Libby it’s a far harder combination to resist. She needs to find a balance between work, writing and ignoring her attraction to the rock star, because if she falls for him, it could mean the end of her dream.

But when a horrible scandal is unleashed—putting young Kate in danger—there’s more heat between Libby and Adrian than just sexual attraction. Libby must figure out if Adrian ever cared for her, or if it was all just part of the show …

I feel I need to start this blog with a disclaimer. I’m not that great with descriptions; particularly in phase one of writing when it’s the dirty draft. I’m more interested in the story than describing what everyone and everything looks like because I can see it all in my head anyway. It’s usually not until the first or second edit that I will start to add in more description of setting and people. My notebook of details about the novel just has the basics (and sometimes they change as well). So if I look up what I originally wrote down for my hero I find the following.

Name: Adrian

Height: 185 cm

Hair: Black, short and spikey

Eyes: Brown

Build: Rangy, long limbed, thin

Age: 30

Job: Punk/Rock singer – alter ego Kent Downer


It’s really not a lot to go on. I’m not one of those authors that scours the internet looking for pictures of their hero and can’t start writing until they have the image clear in their mind. Though I’m always open to new ideas and might give that method a go for my next book.


The first time Libby meets Adrian, he’s dressed as his alter-ego Kent and this is what she sees.

The other red couch had a single occupant. Not the kind of person you wanted to meet in a dark alley, late at night.

Kent Downer stared straight at Libby, one hand in his lap, the other over the top of the couch, his long, rangy legs crossed at the ankles. She smiled, but he didn’t respond, staring but not seeing, his attention somewhere far more interesting than these four walls. She took the opportunity to study him. Short, spikey black faux-hawk, pale skin and the thickest black eyeliner she’d ever seen on a man. His clothes were black too. Skinny-leg jeans, plain, fitted T-shirt and a waistcoat that hung unbuttoned at the sides. Stereotypical rock star. She’d never be able to use him in one of her books – she’d have to make him different in some way. Otherwise she’d get the comment from her editor – “Don’t make him a cardboard cut-out.”

benedict-cumberbatch-on-his-star-wars-casting-rumor-headerWhen she meets him again, as Adrian, this is her impression.

He was the same height and build as the rock star but that was where the resemblance ended. His dark hair was combed flat, and his white muscle T-shirt and blue jeans made him look like the boy next door.

When someone asks me which actor I would like to play Adrian, I find it really difficult. No one looks exactly like the idea I have in my head but a couple come close – Jake Gyllenhaal and Benedict Cumberbatch.fondo-jake-gyllenhaal

Neither has the molten chocolate eyes I’d envisioned for Adrian but that’s easily fixed with contact lenses. Benedict has the long limbed, rangy body of Adrian but most of the pictures I’ve found on the internet (and I did my research!) make him seem just too nice. I’m not saying he couldn’t get in to the rocker role of Kent – I’m sure he could – I just want to see him a little more ruffled, mussed up, grungy. He’s entirely too well-dressed.

Jake is another one who has a lot of smiling, happy photos on the internet but he’s also got more of the casual look in his pictures. I can see him going from Kent with his killer smile and wooing all the girls to the shy and bashful Adrian.

I’d love to know from the descriptions above, which actordo you picture Adrian/Kent as?

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Here’s some background on What Goes on Tour and the author:

What Goes on Tour is single title novel and the idea hooked me right from the beginning. I liked the thought of writing about a rock star who wasn’t like the normal party hard singer with a full entourage that you see in many novels and TV shows these days.

I’d love it if readers enjoyed the novel and maybe took with them that people are often different from their public persona.

One of my favourite scenes is probably the dancing game scene because I had a lot of fun writing it.

Something unique about me… I’ve recently taken up vintage motocross and I’m the passenger on a sidecar. I’ve attached a photo because people often think that a sidecar passenger just sits on the side but it’s a lot more work than that!

– Claire


Claire Boston was a voracious reader as a child, devouring anything by Enid Blyton as well as series such as Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, The Baby-sitters Club and Sweet Valley High. Then one school holidays when she’d run out of books to read her mother handed her ‘Hot Ice’ by Nora Roberts and Claire instantly fell in love with romance novels.

The love of reading soon turned to a love of writing and she struggled to keep within the 1500 word limit set by her teachers for her creative writing assignments. When she finally decided to become serious about her stories she joined Romance Writers of Australia, found her wonderful critique group and hasn’t looked back.

When Claire’s not reading or writing she can be found in the garden attempting to grow vegetables, or racing around a vintage motocross track. If she can convince anyone to play with her, she also enjoys cards and board games.

Claire lives in Western Australia, just south of Perth with her husband, who loves even her most annoying quirks, and her two grubby, but adorable Australian bulldogs.

Website * Goodreads * Facebook * Twitter

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